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The Tartan 37 Association was started by a group of intrepid T37 sailors along the east coast. It has grown to include T37 owners from 23 states and Washington, D.C., plus Canada and overseas.  All up and down the East and West Coasts, along the Gulf Coast, all through the Great Lakes, and even in some places you someday hope to sail, you will find Tartan 37 Association members.

Our purpose is to provide a way for Tartan 37 owners to work together to protect and enhance the value of these wonderful boats. We publish a quarterly newsletter, containing articles of interest and technical information concerning the T37, as well as publicity concerning upcoming events. Our members hold social gatherings, primarily along the east coast so far, but with growing membership nationwide it is our intent to hold regional events as well. That's why you are needed if you are a Tartan 37 owner. As more and more owners join the ranks, there will be a wealth of T37 experience for all members to draw upon as they refit, sail and enjoy these great boats. Please follow the link below and join today!


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The web site is being enhanced and expanded to include technical information, project data and other items of continuing interest to Tartan 37 owners. Watch for updates!