L.O.A. 覧覧覧覧覧37 3-1/2

Beam 覧覧覧覧覧- 11 9

Draft (CB) Board Up 覧- 4 2

Board Down 覧 7 9

Draft (Fin) 覧覧覧覧-6 7

Displacement 覧覧覧- 15,500

Ballast 覧覧覧覧覧 7,500

Datum Waterline 覧覧覧 28 6

Sailing Waterline - Point of Immersion forward to aft point of immersion33 +

Sail Area 覧覧覧覧- 625 Sq. Ft.

Berths 覧覧覧覧覧 6

Power: Most were powered with the Westerbeke 40 or Westerbeke 50 engine.

Above are color images of a Keel/Centerboard T37 in profile, and of the T37 accommodation plan. Thanks to Ray Durkee, #373 VELERA, who found these somewhere out there, floating around in the ether.

                        WESTERBEKE 50 SPECIFICATIONS

Thanks to Eric Freedman, former owner of Hull #252 KIMBERLITE, who sent along the specifications for the Westerbeke 50.  The power curves and the written specifications appear below.

TYPE: Four cylinder four cycle overhead valve vertical in-line diesel.
DISPLACEMENT: 110 cubic inches. Bore 3 5/32", stroke 3 1/2".
POWER: 41 HP at 3200 RPM (See power curve.)
WEIGHT: 460 lbs. basic engine.
FUEL INJECTION EQUIPMENT: CAV distributor type injection pump and CAV Pintaux nozzles working        in conjunction with Ricardo Comet V combustion chambers.
CYLINDER BLOCK AND HEAD: Special cast iron mono blocks.
CRANKSHAFT: Forged steel, counter balanced.
CAMSHAFT: Forged steel.
CONNECTION RODS: I section alloy steel stampings
PISTONS: Aluminum alloy with solid skirt.
MAIN BEARINGS: Five, tri metal, heavy duty.
LUBRICATION: Wet sump, eccentric rotor pressure pump, camshaft driven.
EXHAUST MANIFOLD: Fresh water cooled. Front or rear opening.
COOLING SYSTEM: Closed circuit system, including lube oil cooler with heat exchanger mounted.
ANGLE OF INSTALLATION: 15 degrees maximum.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12 Volt negative grounded system with 55 Amp alternator.
MOUNTING: Flexible rubber mounts on 18" centers standard.

Designer: Sparkman & Stephens