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 Post subject: Raymarine Type2S autopilot install
PostPosted: 22 Apr 2022 10:16 

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We found the Raymarine wheel autopilot that came with our boat to be underpowered and not so reliable. So I bought a Furuno NavPilot 711c controller and a Raymarine Type2S ram. Since the Type 2 actuator seems a little overpowered for our boats I put the quadrant pin at a 9" radius. That reduces peak torque, but requires less stroke of the ram. Total stroke of the actuator is 12", but I'm only using about 10.5". That gives some more wiggle room on where the base is mounted.

I bolted a 5/8" aluminum plate to the bottom of the quadrant to hold the ram's pin. Using the two 3/8" tapped holes at the front of the quadrant made that pretty easy. After reading all the suggestions on this forum (like here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1094), my first plan was to mount the ram to the starboard side of the hull, just above the cockpit drain. I glassed in a small plywood shelf and bolted it down. I liked this location because it's out of the way and I could still climb over the water heater to get to the stern and port side.

Everything was great until we looked below while it was running and saw the hull flexing 1/2" or so every time the actuator moved. The hull just isn't stiff enough at that location, especially since the ram force has a big component perpendicular to the surface.

Version 2 is like what conch recommended: the ram is mounted below the sump of the cockpit floor (under your feet when standing at the helm), between the two steering cables. I glassed in some 3/4" plywood to provide a flat mounting surface and get the ram to the right height and put a 1/4" stainless 316 backing plate in the cockpit sump. The teak grate still fits without modification. This configuration works well: since the autopilot's force is parallel to the cockpit floor, there's no bending.

Squeezing between the water heater and the autopilot is tight and uncomfortable but not impossible.

File comment: Version 2: looking upwards from the starboard lazarette
PXL_20220408_213502012.jpg [ 2.52 MB | Viewed 0 times ]
File comment: Version 2: under cockpit sole. Much better.
PXL_20220408_213511797.jpg [ 2.55 MB | Viewed 0 times ]
File comment: Quadrant attachment (Version 2)
PXL_20220408_213405419.jpg [ 4.02 MB | Viewed 0 times ]
File comment: Version 1: wrong ram location
PXL_20220318_183958729.jpg [ 2.73 MB | Viewed 0 times ]
File comment: Version 1: the wrong ram location
PXL_20220318_183951057.jpg [ 2.63 MB | Viewed 0 times ]
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 Post subject: Re: Raymarine Type2S autopilot install
PostPosted: 22 Apr 2022 18:11 

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Nice installation


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 Post subject: Re: Raymarine Type2S autopilot install
PostPosted: 25 Apr 2022 20:51 

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I first put a 2S linear drive in and the motor gave out in Panama. Might have been the wet from the rainy season that did it in. I had a 1S motor installed by RayMarine and have thousands of miles on it since. I actually found a whole unit in the dumpter in my marina and the motor and drive unit checks out so I have a spare now. I bought the Edson autopilot tiller arm ($$$) because I did not want to fool with drilling the cast quadrant. I think I put the installation in the technical section of this website, but maybe not. I glassed a little bulkhead to attached the drive to the hull. I really have never seen any flexing and the thing has steered the boat in 15 ft waves for days on end. Most important to me is to put the control head up where you can easily use it at the helm. I have delivered boats where the autopilot control is down away from the helm and it is very annoying. FWIW.

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