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Welcome to the Tartan 37 Sailing Association Web Site


The Tartan 37 was designed by Sparkman & Stephens.  Tartan Yachts produced 486 of these classic boats from 1976 through 1988, and most are still sailing today.


Are you a Tartan 37 owner?  If so, please consider joining the Tartan 37 Sailing Association.  



· For many years, we published a quarterly newsletter to bring the best in T37 articles to our members. Efforts are now underway to bring the newsletter back in electronic form!

· We have published a coffee table commemorative book - “Tartan 37: A History And Celebration.” All printed copies have been sold, but preparation of the book brought us a wealth of great historic information. We’ll be sharing that with our members.

· We have started a fine Technical Resources library.  You can benefit from the experience of other owners, and you can make your own contributions as we expand our knowledge.

· The Tartan 37 Forum allows us to share directly with other owners.

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· To submit Fleet Roster entries or updates, CLICK HERE.

· To submit a Technical Resources article, CLICK HERE.

· For information on Joining the Tartan 37 Sailing Association, CLICK HERE.



· Tartan Yachts

· Tartan Parts

· Tartan Owners (TONE)

· TOSCA (Tartan Owners Southern California)

· Sparkman & Stephens Association 




See below for books featuring the Tartan 37

Books featuring the Tartan 37— available on Amazon

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